School Rules

DMS School Rules

 1. Smoking or the possession of cigarettes or any form of tobacco is prohibited.
 2. Possession of matches, cigarette lighters, etc., is prohibited.
 3. Sharing or permitting a cubby (locker) to be shared must be approved by the teacher or administration.
 4. Shoes must be worn.
 5. Chewing gum is not allowed.
 6. Over familiarity with one's boyfriend or girlfriend will not be permitted.
 7. All students assigned to P.E. must dress for and participate in the class.
 8. Soliciting and surveying of students are prohibited unless the principal has given prior approval.
 9. No use of "heavy" perfume, deodorants or aerosols.
10. Students will not be permitted to leave any assigned class without proper written permission.
11. In cases of emergency, the office phone may be used with approval from the principal or assistant principal. Students will not be allowed to call home for forgotten school supplies.
12. Students may not leave school during school hours with anyone other than parents or legal guardians unless parents/guardians have made plans with the office.
13. CD players, iPODS, laser pointers, toys of any kind, etc., are not permitted. 
14. Fighting or encouraging a fight will carry an immediate suspension from school.
15. Students who are sent to the office, library, I.S.S. or other destinations are to go there promptly without stopping at any other location.
16. Students are expected to keep grounds and buildings clear of all litter.
17. School buses are considered school property and all school rules apply to students who ride these buses.
18. Disrespect and/or insolence to any member of the faculty or staff cannot be tolerated. 
19. Criminal charges can be made against any student who threatens a faculty or staff member.
20. Pulling a fire alarm without proper intent is a major school violation and is considered to be disturbing school.
21. Each classroom teacher will have specific rules posted for each classroom if the teacher feels additional rules are necessary.
22. Loitering in the hall is prohibited.
23. When a student rides the bus home with another student, both students must have a note from their parents. 
24. Violation of any of these rules may result in I.S.S. or O.S.S.

DMS Dress Code

Moderation and modesty should govern student dress. Therefore, students will follow these rules in middle and high school programs:

1. Provocative and suggestive clothing is not permitted (tight fitting, plunging necklines, etc.)
2. Garments worn on the legs (pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc must have a length that comes to within one inch of the top of the knee; with no holes or slits above this line. No sagging, baggy pants are permitted.
3. Bare midriffs will not be permitted. The standard used will be that no midriff is visible when the student is engaged in normal movement such as walking, sitting down, standing up, etc.
4. Any sleeveless garment must have width on the shoulder area of at least (4) of the student's fingers, and the arm opening should fit the body closely enough to cover the underarm and the side of the chest areas.
5. Mesh or see-through garments are permitted only if a legal garment is visible underneath.
6. Underwear should not be seen at any time.
7. Sleepwear is forbidden. This includes bedroom slippers.
8. Shoes or sandals must be worn. Flip flops (shower type shoes with soft bottoms) are forbidden.
9. Headwear (hats, sunglasses, do-rags, skullies, head bands, bandannas, etc.) is not permitted to be worn inside the building.
10. Hair rollers are not permitted.
11. Hair (one's own or a wig) that has a non-human color is not permitted.
12. Face painting is not permitted.
13. Any garment or accessory that displays inappropriate language or images (profanity, sexual suggestion/ insinuation, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, ethnic slurs, slogans/symbols that may lead to disorder, etc) is forbidden.
14. Visible piercings are limited to the ear.
15. Chains or other articles hanging from clothing are not permitted, as well as items that have potential to cause harm to one's self or to others.
16. Gang attire, colors, or symbols are not permitted in clothing or accessories.