Dear Parents,
Many of you are already receiving weekly emails from Securly about your child’s Internet activity at school and, if your child has a Tech It Home device, while away from school.  Securly is now offering a Plug n’ Play hub they are providing to our parents as a fundraiser for our school.  The Plug n’ Play hub has been tested by several of our parents and our district’s IT department.  It allows parents to monitor all devices that are connected to your home network.  The hub is NOT needed for SDPC-issued devices, but is useful for any other devices used on your home network.  The hub is $5.99/month and our school receives $2 a month as a fundraiser.


Easy enough for Parents to Use


Technology should make parenting easier, not harder. That’s why the Hub is designed to simplify your child’s online safety.

· Manage time spent online (Hit Pause)

· Keep inappropriate content out

· Plugs into your home router

· Manage all devices in your home