Visitor Guidelines

Parents are always welcome but are encouraged to make an appointment to see a teacher or the principal. Security and safe school practices require all visitors, including school volunteers, to use the main entrance, sign in at the main office, and receive a visitor's pass or a volunteer's badge prior to entering the hallways. The visitor's pass must be visible at all times while on school grounds. This regulation is for student safety.

Parents, volunteers, or other visitors to the school are not to interfere with the supervisory or instructional responsibilities of the teachers.

Friends of students or students from other school are not allowed to visit the school during the school day unless approved by the principal at or before checking in at the main office.

Visitors on campus who do not check in at the main office will be considered as trespassing. The administration is empowered to take appropriate action against non-students who invade the building, grounds or other school property. Such action will include the right to call in the police authorities and swear out warrants