Students participate in the formative assessment, Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). For more about these and other assessments link to the School District of Pickens County Assessment Webpage.

Dacusville Middle School students will be tested on subject matter throughout each nine-week grading period. Students will be evaluated by teachers using a variety of methods, including, but not limited to, quizzes, tests, informal assessments, classroom participation, projects, homework, and daily assignments. Teachers will give evaluations of subject matter, as they deem necessary, with or without notice. Major tests and projects are scheduled and announced. The best preparation for all assessments is for the student to keep up with daily assignments, hand in all homework and study daily.

All report cards and transcripts will show numerical grades. The grading scale will be as follows:

A 100 - 90 Excellent
B 89 - 80 Above Average
C 79 - 70 Average
D 69- 60 Below Average
F 59 & below Failing


"I" is a temporary grade used to denote incomplete work for a specific nine-week grading period. The use of the letter "I" indicates some classwork has not been completed (such as a missed test, etc.). This work must be made up before the end of the following nine week period. If not, a 0 is recorded on the missed assignment.